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He will bark at her (and sometime snap at her) to warn her to back off and let her know that he is boss.However, she doesn''t seem to learn that she should leave him alone and will come back in a couple of minutes. My fear is that he will become aggressive, and much worse, that he will teach her to become aggressive.Under the employment provisions (title I), there is no definition of service animal and no specific guidelines for employers to follow when an employee asks to bring a service animal to work.Because title I does not specifically address service animals, a request from an employee to bring a service animal to work can be processed like any other request for reasonable accommodation.Service animals perform some of the functions and tasks that the individual with a disability cannot perform for him or her."Seeing eye dogs" for example, that assist individuals who are blind are a common type of service animal.However in a state of perpetual contraction, the ciliary muscle cannot relax when viewing distant objects.This causes vision to blur when attempting to view objects from a distance. Although antimuscarinic drops (homoatropine 5%) can be applied topically to relax the muscle, this leaves the individual without any accommodation and, depending on refractive error, unable to see well at near distances.

Higgins has arthritis and is very, very calm until she begins her playfulness.

A lot of times she is just standing too close to him, and he doesn't like that either. Do I correct the puppy for being playful and inquisitive? Love your show, and I look forward to attending your seminar.

Thank you for your help, Madeline Warren Dear Madeline, This is a different situation than most of the cases on my show, because your dogs don't have issues.

This means that employers must consider the request, but do not have to automatically allow employees to bring their service animals to work.

From a practical standpoint, a request to bring a service animal to work is really a request for an employer to modify its no-animals-in-the-workplace policy.


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