Consolidating data multiple excel files

Center Benefits - Microsoft Office Courses : • Free Online Skills Assessment Tests • Corporate Venue: Onsite or at Sites Power • UAE Ministry of Education Accredited Institute • International Curriculum • Certified Instructors • Computer Labs: 1 PC for each student • Certificate of Achievement (Ministry Attestation fees apply) COURSE OUTLINES FOUNDATION LEVEL COURSE OUTLINE Getting Started With Excel 2013 Starting Excel 2013 Selecting the Blank Worksheet Template The Excel 2013 Cell Referencing System Entering Numbers and Text Default Text and Number Alignment Summing a Column of Numbers Entering a Date Worksheets and Workbooks Saving a Workbook to Your Hard Disk Closing a Workbook Creating a New Workbook Opening a Workbook Opening a Recently Used Workbook Pinning Files and Folders Switching between Workbooks Saving a Workbook Using another Name Saving a Workbook Using a Different File Type Getting Help within Excel 2013 Searching For Help The Help 'Table of Contents' Printing a Help Topic Alt Key Help Using Other Excel Templates Excel 2013 Selection Techniques Why Are Selection Techniques Important?Selecting a Cell Selecting a Range of Connecting Cells Selecting a Range of Non-Connecting Cells Selecting the Entire Worksheet Selecting a Row Selecting a Range of Connecting Rows Selecting a Range of Non-Connected Rows Selecting a Column Selecting a Range of Connecting Columns Selecting a Range of Non-Connecting Columns Recommended Techniques When Creating or Editing Lists Manipulating Rows and Columns within Excel 2013 Inserting Rows into a Worksheet Inserting Columns into a Worksheet Deleting Rows within a Worksheet Deleting Columns within a Worksheet Modifying Column Widths Modifying Column Widths Using 'Drag and Drop' Automatically Resizing the Column Width to Fit Contents Modifying Row Heights Manipulating Cells and Cell Content within Excel 2013 Copying a Cell or Range Contents within a Workbook Deleting Cell Contents Moving the Contents of a Cell or Range within a Workbook Editing Cell Content Undo and Redo Copying Data between Worksheets (Within the Same Workbook) Moving Data between Worksheets (Within the Same Workbook) Moving Data Worksheets (Between Different Workbooks) Copying Data between Worksheets (In Different Workbooks) Auto Fill Copying a Data Range Using Auto Fill Sorting a Cell Range Searching and Replacing Data Excel 2013 Worksheets Switching between Worksheets Renaming a Worksheet Recommended Techniques with Naming Worksheets Inserting a New Worksheet Deleting a Worksheet Copying a Worksheet within a Workbook Moving a Worksheet within a Workbook Copying or Moving Worksheets between Workbooks Font Formatting within Excel 2013 Font Formatting Options Font Type Font Size Bold, Italic, Underline Formatting Cell Border Formatting Formatting the Background Colour Formatting the Font Colour Alignment Formatting within Excel 2013 Horizontally Aligning Contents in a Cell Range Centring a Title over a Cell Range Cell Orientation Text Wrapping within a Cell Aligning Cell Contents Vertically Format Painter Number Formatting within Excel 2013 Number Formatting Decimal Point Display Applying and Removing Comma Style Formatting (To Indicate Thousands) Currency Symbol Date Styles Percentages Freezing Row and Column Titles Freezing Row and Column Titles Excel 2013 Formulas Creating Formulas The Easy Way to Create Formulas Copying Formulas Operators Using Operators in Formulas Formula Error Messages Relative Cell Referencing within Formulas Absolute Cell Referencing within Formulas Excel 2013 Functions What Are Functions?The file that contains the actual Power Query solution is called Ultimate and you should be able to see it immediately after you unzip the downloaded file.Once you open the Ultimate file, you’ll notice that it has no data.See screenshots: The score of first term: The score of second term: The score of third term: The score of fourth term: Now I can use the Consolidate function to summarize the data from multiple worksheets into single worksheet, please do as follows: 1.Create a new workbook that you want to put the consolidated data, then click Data Consolidate, see screenshot: 2.Scroll past the jump to learn how to consolidate in Excel so that your information appears in a master worksheet as a reference whenever you need to generate reports.

Maybe you have workbooks for different years' sales data, or budget data from several departments.And now you need to merge the multiple worksheets and calculate the final results into a master worksheet, how could you consolidate or summarize data from multiple worksheets or workbooks into a master worksheet?Here, I will introduce you some quick tricks to solve it.You can use Power Pivot to create a pivot table from multiple Excel workbooks or worksheets, by using the Primary and Foreign keys to join the tables.For example, there could be a 'Product ID' field in an Orders table and a Price List table.In this example, we'll combine data from two Excel files.


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