Effect media has on dating

I wonder if online dating sites are experiencing a rough time financially since there are so many hookups in social media.I mean, why pay a dating service if you can find love on Twitter or Facebook? David Miller September 9th, 2013I absolutely love this site.If someone doesn’t text us back immediately, we feel like we’re not important enough for them to respond.Why do we connect these insignificant messages so much to our self worth?

A loss of context Why the negative outlook on social media?

by Kris Gowen The Teen Advisory Board (TAB) for My Future-My Choice, a peer-led sexuality education curriculum developed in Oregon, conducts a survey every year to gain insight into the communities in which they live.

This year, because Oregon just instituted a new law that requires sex education to cover healthy relationships, the TAB members asked fellow high school students for their insights on this topic.

It wasn’t asked in the survey, but it does remind me of danah boyd’s reflections on teen “drama,” where young people use social media to hurt, push and provoke each other.

It’s also a place where words are misunderstood, given how little context surrounds them.


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