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As our first Sarajevo audience they gave us a real boost.”Chris continues reliving the day: “After an hour’s practice we went back for breakfast at the Olympic village and then it was a case of simply staying calm and quiet and getting ready, cleaning our boots, checking our costumes.

"We were supposed to have a nap in the afternoon but I found that impossible so I read to distract myself. I stuck my fingers in my ears so I wouldn’t even hear their music.

Karen, a mentor on the ITV show, separated from skating coach Stephen Pickavance - with whom she has two daughters, Emma, 17, and Laura, 19 - earlier this month, ending their 21 year marriage.

Given the way Gritschuk and Platov came through to sweep the free programme with their exuberant rock and roll routine, the task facing T and D now appears even steeper.

Thompson spoke admiringly of the marks their blades had left in the ice - 'They were literally three inches apart, almost like a compulsory figure.' But Gritschuk and Platov in particular had a greater fluency about them, and a greater speed over the ice.

(Plus there were other factors that were making things difficult for her, like changes in the sport due to the demise of figures, and a change of coaches.) She's been touring regularly since then -- right now she's with the Tom Collins/Campbells Soups tour, and she was with the Torvill and Dean tour last fall.

Trenary turned pro a couple months before the 1992 Olympics as an indirect result of the ankle injury she'd suffered the previous season; she'd never really caught up again after missing several months of training time.


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