Updating cakephp

Suppose we will be updating a field named 'confirmed' in a model called 'User' with the id of 5.

With a year under its belt and 34 releases, we are still in love with Cake PHP 3; and some of you are already on board and loving it.

While files are text files, Po Edit creates those binary files upon saving your files in the same location of the corresponding file.

And to make my problem more tricky, those files have higher priority inside the Cake PHP framework, i.e. Let’s make it more tricky and mention the fact that when you try to save your file using Po Edit, and Po Edit isn’t happy for any reason with your file, it creates a kinda empty file, and this is where the problem occurs.

You can restore the debug level to the previous value after you see the new changes taking effect. Go to the folder app/tmp/cache/models and delete the corresponding model of the table you modified or delete all cached model files there, no problem.

After the above step you should be able to see the new changes when you hit reload, but if the changes are still not showing up, you can go the app/tmp/cache/persistent folder and delete the myapp_cake_core_method_cache file, as sometimes the changes you want to see might be coming from some method calls which have been cached.

Lets use a simple categories table which includes a column for Bake a model, controller and views for this table so that we have some files to work with.

Look for the following code inside the file around line no. This will update the cache and you’ll be able to see the new changes.if the file exists, the framework ignores the files and searches those files only. Here is the scenario I faced: Of course I used to face the same problem when I was updating the files using any normal text editor because files aren’t updated.The solution is to either remove files manually, or open the files using Po Edit after you finish editing, and then save the file from inside Po Edit. Since always I try to play nicely with Cake PHP, I followed the the directions and used the console to generate the template and Po Edit to generate a file from this template, and then ……., nothing worked After digging into the framework source code, I found some details that’s not mentioned in the online tutorial by Cake PHP.files aren’t the only source of getting localized strings, another type of files; files, is also used for this task.The important bits are, $form-array(‘Publish’,’Front Page’,’Featured’,’Delete’))) which creates the selectbox of actions.


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