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By clicking the button to enter this site, you unconditionally absolve the publishers of this web site of any liability for any injury or any other consequence of undertaking any activities that are depicted on this site.This web site contains visual depictions and descriptions of activity which is of an adult nature.My task proved simpler than either of us had anticipated.

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Getting down and dirty with each other while dressed in the most kinky shiny plastic and rubber outfits.While “Haze” only rhymes with the heroine’s real surname, her first name is too closely interwound with the inmost fiber of the book to allow one to alter it; nor (as the reader will perceive for himself) is there any practical necessity to do so. H.”‘s crime may be looked up by the inquisitive in the daily papers for September-October 1952; its cause and purpose would have continued to come under my reading lamp.For the benefit of old-fashioned readers who wish to follow the destinies of the “real” people beyond the “true” story, a few details may be given as received from Mr.Rob described Beth's mac as "transparent but not completely, if that makes sense". It could also be described as semi-see-through or translucent (a term used to describe plastic macs in the mail order catalogues of the 1950's).I hope that Rob, G, Susan and others continue to leave comments on this site as I, for one, find them very interesting.His lawyer, my good friend and relation, Clarence Choate Clark, Esq., now of the District of Columbia bar, in asking me to edit the manuscript, based his request on a clause in his client’s will which empowered my eminent cousin to use the discretion in all matters pertaining to the preparation of “Lolita” for print. Clark’s decision may have been influenced by the fact that the editor of his choice had just been awarded the Poling Prize for a modest work (“Do the Senses make Sense?


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